Thursday, January 28, 2010

The only way to entertain some folks is to listen to them.

*XX flick her finger at my arm*
C:OUCH!pain!*rub arm*
XX:*laugh non-stop* eh,your reaction damn cute.Can I bring you home?


C:xx,are you afraid of dogs?
XX:not really afraid.I am afraid of those very hyper ones
C:oh.then you cannot come to my house.I've got a golden retriever at home and he is very hyper.
Xx:Really?I also never say that I want to go to your house.
C:Just passing a comment.
Xx:I only dare to touch those dogs like want to die want to die one
*3 of us ROFLOL hard*
*Xx turn to coach*:Eh bee,next time we go to her house.
C:Eh?Ain't you scared?My dog gets very hyper when he sees strangers and jump onto them.
Xx:Then I jump back at the dog.
*3 of us ROFLOL hard again*
J:Sounds that see,Team 3.These are the content pages.
*whole class laugh*
F:Wait wait.Repeat
J:Repeat.Sounds that see,Team 3.These are the content pages.
F:What are sounds that see?
J:sounds are like what we are talking
*whole class laugh*

This class never fails to make me laugh everyday.I just love this class,period.

So I went to take passport size photos for my Taiwan trip things. It's like they don't sell it in 4,they sell 8 for 9bucks. Seriously, why will I want so many?But nevertheless I have to take because I need to submit tomorrow.15 minutes later,went back for collection and I saw the photos.Seriously,I swear I look spastic.But then again,I am born like that.There is nothing I can do since I am not photogenic.Then suddenly my phobia for taking photo is back again.Man,this is so traumatizing.

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