Thursday, December 31, 2009


This is gonna be a whole chuck of words.For those who suffers from insomnia,reading this might cure you.

Kay,2009 is coming to an end.Many things have happened this year-the good and the bad.Sadly speaking,I forgot what were my 2009 resolutions but I am 101% sure that I have not achieve any.
This is the time where people will start reflecting on themselves,reminiscing memories and whatnots.
For me,I am not going to do that.Let bygones be bygones.Sure,I do learn from my mistakes.I picked myself up when I fall.What doesn't kills me makes me stronger.When the going gets tough,the tough gets going.I have bad hair days.Lady luck smiles at me at times.All those issues?Been there,done that.So what's the complain?That's life.Nobody says that life is a bed of roses.
All I know is I am growing stronger by each year,learning more about life each day,treasuring
every single minute of moments with family and friends and realizing that life goes on despite doing anything or nothing at each seconds.

I shall write my 2010 resolutions in my diary(yes,believe it a not,I own a DIARY) but no harm sharing some.
My first resolution for 2010 is to get closer to God.
Yes,I can be very religious but I don't show it.Bizarre?Don't be.That's me.
Second will be to be able to manage my time properly-be it in doing UTs or life activities.I have very very bad time management and this might pose to be a problem in the long run.
Third will be to have self discipline.This has been one of my flaws for I-don't-know how long.
Fourth is to be as safe as possible.I am accident prone and can be a walking disaster.Recently I realized that I cannot walk straight and my injured left thumb is giving me alot of troubles.

That's all I am going to share cause I have yet to think of the rest.You can't blame me,I am extremely distracted by a book which is within 1m from me.
My mind is currently filled with:

1)How am I going to get my hands on the next few series of the books?
2)Going to the bird park tomorrow at 9am.Remember to bring camera(No worries,your eyes are perfectly fine.You didn't read wrongly)
3)School starting=UT2=have yet to study=doom's day
What a way to kick start a new year.

The first question that everyone asked me:'Never go out ah?'
Do I look like a party girl?Why is everyone asking me this question?O.O

Last but not least,happy new year peepos!(:

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