Sunday, September 27, 2009


Headed to Velocity yesterday with JiaLin for CURRY BUFFET!

Ordered too many chicken dishes!

Unagi and soft shell crab

How about some unagi?

Chicken and fish curry!

Looks delicious?How about a CLOSER look?

I love and heart and whatever this chocolate mochi!

Full to the MAX!Have to walk for hours to ease the fullness away!
Saw a Korean clothes shop with DBSK posters!
Headed to suntec for basketball but got addicted to another fighting machine.Both of us were screaming,shouting and laughing like mad while playing!
At the end of the day,arms,back and toes were aching and stomach was still bloated.
I think I am going to be a vegetarian next week.The thought of eating FRIED FOOD and CHICKEN puts me off!

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