Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amazingly yummy,unbelievably delicious,sinfully scrumptious,absolutely irresistible

Kay,another food post.ahaha!
Wanted to have ice-cream buffet yesterday but due to the long queue,we gave up.Had ramen and awfully sweet(not in a good way) donuts.I am so not gonna eat donuts from Ion anymore.

See that happy donut,inside is actually banana flavoured gel thingy.Horrible to the max!

Met up with JiaLin(again!met up with her twice this week already!) and finally had our long awaited ice-cream buffet!People kept looking at us for God-knows-what reasons.Kinda irritating especially when you are just trying to eat and chill.

One counter=18 flavours.They have 3 counters of ice-cream!So do your maths and see how many flavours there are altogether.

Did I mention that I love Swensen's salmon and mushroom baked rice?It's awesome man!

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