Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Whatever feels desirable creates passion.

"Rainen no hono hi mo, Issho ni waratteeiyoh"

UT3 are officially O-V-E-R!


I need a job to support my whatevernonsensecoursesIamgoingtotakeupduringtheholidays,period.

But I tell you,it is not easy finding a suitable job.I don't understand the logic/reason/or whatever you call it behind why others can get a job so easily but I just can't.Is it just plain me or the world?Forbysen:Everlast is hiring full timers,Precious thots is hiring people who can work for the WHOLE of December and even the kids arcade at BHG wants full timers.What's with the full timer thingy going on?Is it the latest trend?

Does anybody have any job lobangs?please share.

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