Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Ouran high school rocks!
I re-watch the anime and currently reading the comics(during lesson time.How cool is that?)
It's a pity that they stop at episode 26 for the show:/
It has like 70 over chapters for the comics edition and it is ongoing.
I prefer seeing Hikaru and Haruhi together.(though Fateen strongly disagrees on this point.haha!)
Oh and Hunny Senpai is SO ADORABLE!:D

It's a bad thing cause I had been laughing and smiling to the computer.(can't blame me!Ouran is just so funny!)Agassiz keep saying:"Charlene is insane,laughing to herself" or "Charlene is crazy,smiling to herself."
Great,I should put this on hold.UT3 is coming in like 2 weeks and this obsession is not going to help me but on the other hand,I just can't help it!T.T
Oh and thanks to Ani(don't know whether is this a good thing or a bad thing),I am going to start watching Special A.
And as for today's lesson,I completely know nuts.Since the start of this lesson,I haven't been paying attention.*grin*
Tsk.Distractions,distractions.sigh.*shake head*

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