Sunday, August 9, 2009

Anime are like drugs.

Hello world of reality!I had been in the world of anime for quite some time and I don't intend to come out but I have to.sigh.

So I have finished watching Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty which are JUST.SO.AWESOME. to the max.I read the online manga and I hope that it doesn't stops there.

Yup,I am going to re-watch Fate/Stay night because I cannot remember where I stopped.

Currently watching(movie) Attack of the Pin-Up Boys starring Super Juniors.

I tell you,there are so many many anime that I want to watch!
Bleach,Soul Eater,Himawari,Canaan,School Rumble,Gundam Seed and Destiny,Shaman King...and the list goes on.
The O.C,The Hills(die.Cannot remember where I stopped.),Laguna Beach Season 2 and Gossip girl have yet to finish watching.
Somebody just shoot me.UT3 is coming in like a week and what have I been doing?Watching anime-.-

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