Friday, May 1, 2009

To yesterday's companionship and tomorrow's reunion

This is a post that is seriously flooded with photos so be prepared people!
Celebrated Shawal's birthday in class today!Happy Birthday Boy!:D

We wanted to get a Hello Kitty cake(class joke) but they didn't have it so we chose the next pink thing.

Birthday Boy-Shawal!
So next,we attempted to take a CLASS photo but DON'T KNOW WHO(I will be nice and not reveal the name) so itchy-buttock go and press the button so many times.


Our present to him!

And then there was this W-E-I-R-D boy who took photos of himself using my webcam!I don't know what were his intentions/motives/purposes but I guessed he might be entertaining himself:/

Actually wanted to head home but Hellven claimed that it's a holiday tomorrow and that we shouldn't waste the time today-peer pressure.ha!So ended up in Causeway Point with Brandon,JingXin and Hellven to catch the Fast and Furious 4.Our initial intention was just to explore the arcade but Hellven's itchy hands discovered a free game machine

Increasing credits


I've got a HIGH SCORE!see^^.And our dear friend,JX aka JED,was not happy with me being first so we continued playing like mad.(well,since its free so why not?)

and well after many many many many many games,his efforts paid off and he overtook me!

BUT!On the other hand,our another dear friend,Hellven,was upset that he got kicked out of his position and not being in the top 5.So,we continued playing.Even though our right arms were aching and tired but we still continued playing

After so many rounds,they have decided to play games which gives alot of points.And after playing for like over 50 games(too many to remember),Hellven the happy-but-tired boy,finally topped the chart!Not once...but TWICE!

I can feel the muscles aching on my right arm already.ha!
Had dinner at LJS.Brandon left halfway.Did abit of RJ,joked and crapped around till 10 plus and headed home.Due to the traveling time,I had to submit my RJ via email.Student VPN didn't work outside
I am dead beat from doing this post and I have yet to upload them onto facebook.I will do it some other days.

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