Thursday, April 30, 2009

what a pretty day!:D

Today was an awesome day, partially bad also due to the !@#$%&*&(&^$ C I got for MATHS! Just when I developed an interest in MATHS, this HAPPENED!
Warning: Those who has an A for MATHS, don't tell me. If stares can KILL, you will be DEAD
Like what the donkey!I had to submit my quiz answers via email because I got 'bluffed' by Agassiz-.-
And I survived on 3 bars of chocolates[to be more precise,I only had 2 bars and 3/4.The another 1/4 dropped onto the floor] from morning till like 4-5 plus in the afternoon?!?
Went for the SLA in the afternoon. Was about to faint from hunger but was saved when we got into the cafe in the library.ha!Pooled, Causeway point and home!

I was WRONG about him.


They lost to us(cherie and me) in pool.

Seriously, I was laughing till my stomach ached, cheeks pained and tears in my eyes and for once, I was worried that my jaw will drop.I 'warned' them that I am never quiet but nobody believes me.They only believe me when I look and behave like a fool in front of them:/ how ironic. Sugar rush at night and I got worried that I couldn't use up all my energy.
Recorded the video on their forfeit.I will be a saint for now and not upload it(:
OMGosh.It's 12++am already and my burger is still downstairs,waiting for me.

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