Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tell me all about it

I had been experiencing many Deja Vu recently.What's going on?

I think I flunk my UT for Cognitive,didn't managed to finish it.
I am in a dilemma.Should I quit floor ball?Just the thought of training from Monday to Thursday drain my energy.Should I just focus on Culinary and Scuba Diving?tsk.I don't know.

Oh and last Friday,went to watch Angels and Demons with the JX the stupid cat,Wendy,Cherie and Hellven.The truth is,I felt extra.Turned my head to the left,witnessed something which makes me go ....Turned my head to the right,saw something .... So I ended up talking to Mary,Jane,Peter,Bob,Marc,Andrea and many many more.They were my friends for the night.
p.s I know the 4 of them think that I am retarded.Who cares?

Didn't really understand the storyline.Ended up sleeping for a moment.To me,it was quite predictable,the outcome and the culprit.And yes,I ended up laughing at some scenes.

an apple

Yes,for one of the module,we explore about an apple.Apple can be a symbol for love and blah blah blah.

Anyway,went to SMU yesterday with Cherie for KO night.The dancers were all awesome!From Hip-Hop to Locking to Popping.My gosh.Finals will be in June.Can't wait for it to come!:D Hang around and chatted with Cherie while waiting for her friend to come.

Another UT tomorrow and I don't know where to start studying from.zzz

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