Tuesday, April 21, 2009

you surprised me with your smile


I spent 1 whole hour cracking my brain,extracting all the brain juices left and finally managed to get something typed out for my RJ:(incomplete)

I think the most important factor is to be prepared as it is important to know what are you presenting.At times when you are overwhelm by fear,you tend to forget your piece.It is a good thing to prepare your speech on a small card so that you can refer to it if your mind suddenly turn blank.This way,you don't need to worry about forgetting your piece and at the same time,this can act as a back up planEven if the speaker has the gift of the gab,as long as he/she comes unprepared,the outcome of the speech will not be as good as expected.Also,well-prepared speeches works better than last-minute speeches as it gives you more time to be innovative.

BUT!I mis-understood the question.WTH.And I have to spend another 1 hour++ to complete the RJ.Why do they have to twist and turn those questions and make it sound so complicated when it is actually so easy to answer and understand?And we are cursing RJ now.ha.
Oh gosh.I see myself in this state tomorrow night again.

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