Monday, April 20, 2009

I need to blog and blog and blog more!

First day of school,wasn't messed up but I guess I left the I-am-a-joker impression behind.So much for staying low profile-.-
After I finished writing my RJ(Reflection Journal),my brain was super exhausted from those 2 chim questions.Who says life in RP is easy?250 words-it's like writing an essay.But this is worse than essay,it requires alot of thinking.My English language is getting from bad to worse,I seriously need to buck up already.Right now,I just hope that my RJ don't sounds stupid and that I can achieve my first A in poly!*fingers crossed*

oh and by the way,thanks Ziqi for the tip.You really helped me.Big time:D
Let's have lunch one day in school!hahas!

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