Friday, April 3, 2009

busy bisy busy

I know I had been MIA for quite some time but I still dont want to see the world yet.hahas!What have I been doing...?
Saving the earth,feeding the hungry and fostering world peace.


Nah,I had been watching Taiwan drama series.(I can't believe I am doing this).hahas!Just finished watching 霹靂M.I.T(a.k.a Mysterious Incredible Terminator).

Next up is 桃花爱无敌 (a.k.aMomo Love).But the show is not done filming yet so I have to wait;(
Can't wait for this show!
p.s.Jasmine and Twinee should know why am I watching these 2 dramas eh;)hahas!

And the long awaited La Corda dOro - Secondo Passo is finally here!Woo~hahas!It's airing in Japan now and I just caught the first episode.Now all I have to do is W.A.I.T for the rest of the episodes to pop out.

OH OH OH.And I still have Hong Kong VCDs waiting for me,The Fast and Furious 3:Tokyo Drift and etc.So you see,you can't blame me.I am busy watching shows.
And I am gonna be unreachable for some time.
till then.

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