Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I find myself smile unknowingly

Char:Shut up la,Hei Xin Gan!Stop calling me that.
and so we bickered like this for the whole afternoon
Ben is irritating alright.He either calls me maria or cookie face.
BUT BUT BUT,I need people like him to entertain me so that I wont get bored
and he claimed that he entertain me for free.

on the contrary,I can't stand quiet guys.makes me feel like I am talking to myself and the silence is awkward.anyway,told Gha my experience with Mr quiet guy this afternoon and we both really LOL[note that it is in cap] Just can't stop laughing! AND AND AND,I still can't believe that I asked him that question la cause my mind was debating whether should I ask or not.And of course,Gha shared his experience with me which makes us laugh even harder at our own stupidity

Ahahas!These 2 guys really make me LOL

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