Saturday, November 29, 2008

Funny small talks

Ghar:So how old are you?
Char:turning 17 next month
Ghar:ohh.I just turned 20 two days ago
Ghar:ain't you going to say something?
Char:huh?*blur for a moment* ohhh.happy belated birthday


Ghar:Why you never talk to me?
Char:I don't know you well what
Ghar:Do I look like I'm still studying? look like you are working.mature you called it
Ghar:I looked like a crook huh?
Ben:She is saying that you look old
Ghar:oh my.I am still studying la
Ben:What about me?Do I look like I'm studying?
Char:nope.working type too
Ghar:Haha.Never mind,we are in the same shoes


These 2 guys seriously makes me lol

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