Thursday, August 7, 2008

Round and round on the ferris wheel

'Love is like a good cassoulet,it needs time and determination.Some bits are delicious,while others might be abit rancid and make you wince.'

A super funny video.I laughed like mad,seriously.No offends

So moving on,I am stuck to a book currently,as usual.BUT!This book is different!It's written beautifully-beautiful in words;vocabulary words.I already have like 2 pieces of papers that are full of words that are waiting for me to check them out and now,it looks like the collection is and did I mentioned that I actually writes them down in a book?hahas!Ok,that's so me.

Anyway,I have been experiencing my 'common' problems again.Sigh.When will this ever end?I think I will just die from pain one day.hahas!

Ohh and the nation's birthday is coming soon and our school is celebrating tomorrow.They have this tee shirt design and our class got into the finals.Alrighty,all the best.rahahas!I sounded so airily.tsk.Ok,that's so not me.

OH.MY.GOSH!The week is gonna end already!Ahhhhh!So fast!Exams are like drawing nearerrrrrrrr!eeeeekkkkkkk!The thought of sitting in the ultra super warm hall doing those tedious alien language papers under those intensive supervision of the examiners simply dreads me.I need to pull my socks higher and get down to serious business.Oh and I really take my hat off to those who can actually play NDS/PSP at this crucial point of time.One even asked me to bring mine.Wow.oh.Is it me who is behind time or is it for real that the Os are over?

Right.My blog look so messy.sigh.I better stop sighing before I really turn old.It's not that nice.

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