Friday, August 1, 2008

Let's walk to the bridge,now meet me halfway

SOOOO...Let's see.I was absent from school on Monday cause something bad happened,which is really bad.So I went to see a doctor.On the way to the bus stop,I saw a rare and mesmerizing view of the sky!Oh gosh,it was love at first sight!

I mean,seriously,have you seen something like that before?[ok,maybe you do but can you just pretend,say a little white lie and say no to make me happy for awhile?you will be deeply appreciated.hahas!]The way the jet stream and the lovely clear blue sky blend together...The view is just so fascinating.The just BEYOND WORDS!I know I sounds crazy ranting about Mother Nature but just bear with me for awhile alright?hahas!

Moving on,I will now show you the photos of the gundams,which made my heart so pain,I bought for my brother.

See,the pure silky pearly all white archangel.Reason being,for all gundam fans,you might know that archangel has 2 versions.Yes?No?

See that grayish blue 'dog'?Sigh.What more can I say?

And yeah,this week had been hectic.Schedule had been packed's see...extra lessons,more extra lessons and EVEN MORE extra lessons?Oh crap.I need to dig up more time for library visits.I just feel like slacking at the cafe,along with the company of a cup of stress free coffee and a slice of rich,thick and even more chocolate-ty chocolate cake,get super duper engross into the book and not worry about a thing in the outside world or whatever you call this realistic and stress world-.-

Lastly,wish me luck for the upcoming week.Pray hard that I will be well in one piece.Ohh.whatever I am saying/blabbering/ranting/raving,just pardon me as I have no idea what in the world am I talking about(:

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