Sunday, July 27, 2008

Christmas in my heart

Cross country was alright,not so bad.The thing ended around 10 plus.Thinking that it was early,TWL,AUNTIE KAYA and me went to Japanese Garden.That was such an awesome place.Seriously,the environment/scenery/atmosphere is super duper x10000000... nice!

TWL and her FLOWERS!awww.look at the smile on that face(:
SEE that AUNTIE KAYA.tsk.SO EXTRA,standing in the middle
Er.we had a hard time taking this.
AUNTIE KAYA with her...erm...Gui Lin Gao and pet piggy?Whateverr.They are all from the same family.
Super long long bridge!
The scenery is so nice that you just wanna kick back and relax.
That tupid Kaya shouted into my ear!argh.

I wanna roll down those mini hills!hahas!
After that,Kaya suggested climbing the Pagoda.She got so excited like a kid being offered a candy.aww.Look at her,trying her utmost best to act young.But somehow she failed.I pity her though.ohhh....Good job TWL for punching that Gui Lin Gao.

The door to the 7 storey pagoda
See TWL and AUNTIE KAYA?maybe I should circle them out.Hhmm.

Kaya and TWL got tired after climbing to the 3rd 4th floor whereas I continued.hahas!I have good stamina alright!Anyway,there was this really cool breeze that was really damn Kaya was talking in her bird language,communicating with the birds.hahas!Then there was this guard who asked us questions regarding the climbing of pagoda.He asked how many storey were there and the number of steps we took to climb up.We were like ?!? Then he explained to us that the purpose of climbing that pagoda is to count the number of steps we took to climb.After which he told us the number of steps and marble lines I think.And we all were !!! We were so ignorance!Then we headed to PS for Pizza Hut,walked about and home!

And so I went to the English thingy on Saturday.3 hours straight but it was not bad though.The speaker is quite entertaining.Then went for the peer thingy mini celebration or whateverr you call it.Left after handing the present token of appreciation.Headed off to the library and Kaya was,as usual,late.Need me to say more?

Church service today.reached on time so no time for breakfast at Hans.Saw Jasmine at MRT,saw noelle and Jolene at the bus stop.What coincidences!As usual,the Worship Session was awesome!Nice songs,great band.What more can I say?Wheee!Oh and Happy Birthday to Lydia and Sarah!
Went off to meet mum with brother at V8 cafe.Oh my gosh,no matter how many times I eat there,I can never get bored of it.Oh and they showed Mr Bean today!:D Went Everlast and bought a pair of shoes.ohhh.Thanks mummy!<3
My dumb brother demanded that gundam model ship from me.For that,we headed to millennium walk.Too bad!I shared the present with mummy BUT my extra allowances went down by 30$!Heart pain ah!That's not all.I owe my bro 23$ previously and I bought him another gundam.Die laa!Heart bleeding already.53$ gone just in one day!I think when I see the gundam,I will cry.Look at that smirk on his face.tsk.What a happy boy.
Then headed home.It was SO NICE of him to carry my shoes for me.I am SO not used to it.hahas!anyway,thanks!So I helped him to carry his laptop bag(I am a GOOD sister alright!) and I think I look like a poly kid but he beg to differ and thinks that I look like a small girl who is going for tuition.what an ass!He wanted to take a cab,I on the other hand,die die also dont want to take.So to force me...He pinched me HARD.And to think awhile ago I thought he was nice.tsk.A leopard never changes it spots eh.Anyway,victory was mine and we took a bus.lalala!:D
Gosh gosh gosh!Homeworks left undone!die die die!
Kay,I shall end it with a picture of my church... TRINITY@PL!

It's fabulous cause it has a 24 hours Hans.hahas![I am SO not serious about this]

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