Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tell me about it!

Holis are gonna end soon which means school is going to start.Homeworks are not even finish!I seriously need to rush through them asap.tsk.Going out with my aunts tomorrow.Better enjoy the last few days of holis!

Went for sec5s outing on Monday.It was funny as many unexpected happened.hahas!My leg got rolled over by 2 bicycles wheels which were ride by 2 very young fellows.Ouch.and they didn't even say sorry!For more info/pictures,visit JessOng's blog.

Lastly,a sample of what Liping had been working on.Interested?Or interested in other items?Visit Liping's blog.Prices are negotisable,I think.

4 hours is superrr long alright!hahas!I owe you movie but I will forget so you gotta remind me if you want bads!

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