Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ring-a-ding ding

State 10 random facts about yourself, then tag 10 people to do.
1. Going to finish solving the game of Sudoko
2. I want to watch lots of movies!
3. Laugh till you drop!
4. Love to watch Jap/Korean/Taiwan[only selected ones] dramas!
5. Enjoy plotting nasty plans against Karyee and her evil-ness
6. Life's short,so enjoy it
7. road-idiot.I get lost easily

8. I want to be tall![or maybe taller]
9. full of nonsense[you will never know what I'm up to!]

10. I want to count my blessings,if possible

10 people to do:

-Jessica Low
-Jessica Ong
-Foong Ting

1. What is the thing you want most?
-Staying H-A-P-P-Y!:D

2.What is the thing you want to do most?
-Going to the library

3.If you had 1 wish,what will it be?
- Wish for a million more wishes?

4.What are you afraid to lose most?
- Practically everything

5.What will you do when you're dying soon?
- Enjoy the last few seconds/minutes/hours/days/months/years of life

6.Do you ever believe that your best friend will betray you?
- I don't think so

7.If you met someone that you love a lot, will you confess to him/her?
- Nah,don't think so

8.What is in your mind?
- When is this thing going to end?

9.What type of people do you hate the most?
- Nah,nobody's perfect

10.Will you cherish your every friendship?
- Suree!

11.Do you believe in god?
- Yupps

12.What will you do if you had a billion dollars?
- Spend,donate and save

13.What you want your friendship to be like?
- Like how I am having it now

14.What is your favourite hobby?
- Tons! But number one is reading!

15.What will you do if all your friends hate you?
- Get over it.Life still goes on right?

16.If you feel low someday, who will you go to?
- God,Grandpa and friends

17.If you had 3 wishes, what will they be?
- Everyone around me to stay happy and healthy
- Be slighlty richer
- Higher IQ and EQ!

18.What are the dates you will never forget?
- I forget everything.I have STM alright!

19.What will you do if you had a time travel machine ?
- Go back to the past and re-experience something

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