Friday, May 23, 2008

It's like the past has found me back

Had a very extremly weird dream that shocked me and it had been bothering me since the moment I woke up.So I tried to erase those scenes from my mind by keeping myself busy but it didn't work.Instead,I think about it even more!ARGH!!
I knew it was a dream but I have no idea why it kept replaying in my mind.Normally,the dreams that I dream will only be snapshots/scenes and I will forget everything the moment I wake up but this one is rather perculiar.Not only did I remember the dream,it even had a storyline and it reminded me of my past!Like WTH is going on?!?-.- It seems like the more I want to forget,the more it doesn't allows me to.This is freaking scary!!It's as though as it's haunting me.

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