Monday, November 12, 2007

The day you went away

This blog feels empty.hahs!Oh well,Full shift yesterday.Yes,I got bullied by people;especially evil villian.Evil villian was horrible,he was cursing me to fail N levels-.- Keep bullying me by calling me names.Stupid boy.Worse was,I am going to face him again tomorrow.That moron kept ordering me around just because I was assigned to help him with his area.But it was kinda fun though,talking to him and listening to all his craps.
Well,there are 2 girls whom i dont really want to talk to them cause one of them is arrogant?Oh well,both are unfriendly.Hhmm...steer clear of them.That place seems to have alot of unfriendly people.There is this girl,whom I have never seen before,she is like so unfriendly.Argh.I want to transfer but there is so much things to be done.Like I have to write a letter and my manager have to talk to another manager.Worse is,evil villian told me that Boss is fierce and is not advisable.Just have to try my luck eh?Afterall,I haven see the Boss before:/
Tomorrow is gonna be another long day.Think I will drop by the library later(:

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