Saturday, November 24, 2007

Count down!(:

Alright people,I know I havent been updating for a super duper long time so...TADA!I am back!hahas!This is gonna be a long post,I think and I will try my best.
First thing first,I had finally bought the Nintendo DS lite!WOO~hahas.Next is going to buy the R4 and case/pouch with pearl cum very very belated birthday celebration with eh?hahas!Monday?Hopefully!:D
Next,GB camp.Went on 23,came back on 24.It was fun,although some things happened.Didnt bring track pants cause firstly,I didnt check the GB blog,[note to self:check GB blog once a week] which resulted to me not knowing what to bring.Secondly,I didnt have the time to use the computer.[note to self:created more time for yourself] Pearl left me alone to camp in school.She broke her promise,thus owning me starbucks:} I must say that this camp is pretty evil to me cause most of the people bullied me.I saved Vera twice.She had a phobia for Coco Pops and Milo.hahas!I am not the kind that can really take in so much sweet stuff within a day but despite this,I helped Vera by finishing the very berry sweet milo drink filled with coco pops.[I feel like puking when this combination is mentioned.] Not only that,I also help to finish the fruity cereal.I dont need to take in anymore sweet stuff for this week for the breakfast alone had fulfilled the needs>.<
Then next is the CRC.I forgot the name for it but it was pretty fun.Its like obstacles and challenges like those we will do in camps.I didnt do anything cause I dont have track pants T.T
Dont remind me about it.It was a torture for not being able to climb all those stuff.Heart pain.waa...Imagine the feeling of being able to climb around like a monkey;free and easy but cannot climb because no track pants.Okay,I am so OVER it.So dont remind me about it.thanks a million.I was taking photos,cheering on/supporting/encouraging the girls and feeding mosquitos.It really takes a lot of courage to climb those stuff.So a clap for those who tried,especially chienmay.hahas!While she was on it,she shouted my name.I was like O_O,did she just called my name or did I heard it wrongly?hahas.Nevertheless,well done!:D
Oscar night.Did the skit.hahas.I think the audience didnt get the thing.Oh well,never mind,who cares?We understand,We laugh by ourselves,We have fun,thats all it matters right?hehe.I got the 2nd highest for GB fortnight card.YAY!:D with Vera in the third and Phyllis first.Well done!hahas!Miss Tan own me my 100% attendance award T.T .So I got a GB towel,water bottle,Swiss Army knife,Bookmark and a trophy!hahas!Enough of boasting.AHEM.
Then went to HANS for lunch.Not bad though.didnt know there was a HANS in Bukit Merah.then went back to school.We made cheesecake!hahas!Oh ya,this reminds me to send the oreo receipe to Xinyi and Chienmay.almost memory is failing.ARGH!I didnt do anything though.All was done by Xinyi,Shirley and Phyllis.hahas!My job is to eat.XD
Dinner was rather...erm...not what i expected but funny.As usual,me and vera the entertainers.Vera,shall we start collecting entertainment fees?hahas!Talk about some stuff you wont wanna know.Dont think dirty cause my mind is not dirty.tsk.And we talked about being FAT!Its time we should exercise.Hula Hoop.ITS A MUST BUY ITEM!Do it while you are watching tv.It helps to cut down your tummy!Oh and we learnt a new style of walking from our lady,Huying.Thanks,I think its gonna help a lot(:
Home with chienmay and yajun.carry so many barangs.hahas!
The reason I am blogging now is because my brother is watching black hawk down.We watched it before already.Reason why I dont wanna watch again is because it makes me cry.As some people who knows me very well,I am not a person who ever cries over a movie/show.But this show has a special effect on me,i have to admit.Its a true story about a war,not the major kind.check it out.Its rather sad though.Gosh,I gotta stop.I am going to tear.
Will be updating again.So...TATA for now!

I had finally found my long lost twin sister Xinyi!hahas(;

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