Saturday, September 17, 2016

Got the urge to blog about this issue while doing my assignment, on the verge of tearing already.


This is seriously heartbreaking. He was just a 3 years old refugee! He was drown in the Mediterranean Sea while fleeing from a war-zone country. Out of his family of 4, only the father survived. I am so overwhelmed with grief right now.

Imagine this: you found one son and he seemed to be alright, turned around to find another son drowning so you turned back to the first, only to find him drowning. 

2 of them, dying right before you. How will you feel? How will you live on for the rest of your life? I felt so much emotions (mixture of angst and heartaches) just by looking at the photos, what more his father who experience it first-hand?

Why? Why? Why?
Why can't the society be selfless?
Why can't the states in EU take in more refugees?
Are their lives less worthy or valuable?
Is it wrong to dream of a better future in a war-torn country?
How can the bystanders watch on, feeling nothing for them?
Where is the sympathy? Where is the love? Where is the compassion?

God, how many more innocent lives must be sacrificed before the war ends?
How much more do these innocent people have to suffer?
How much more pain do the terrorists want to inflict before they are satisfied?
How much more heart-breaking news must they report before the neighboring governments decide to lend a helping hand?

God, I pray for peace upon these conflicted people and countries. I pray that Father, you, will melt their iron hearts. I pray for compassion, allow the policy makers to open up their hearts to accept these refugees with open arms. I know that You are in grief as well, along with the affected families and those who feel the pain. Let the world spread more love and kindness, just like how You did for us. Let the world know about You and that they will model after You, making this world a better place to live in. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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