Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sometimes, a girl just has to dive under the duvet and regroup

Sometimes we think we know the person well, but turns out to be a different story and we end up questioning ourselves how much do we actually know him/her.

How does it feel to compete with the expectations from the crowd of you,
expectations of yourself,
expectations from your opponent,
when the team is relying on you.

No one will truly know how the other person feels unless he/she walks a mile in that person's shoes👣

Truthfully, how much do you understand him? His sacrifices and efforts, the rejections and departure of players.

Yes, he may make mistakes here and there but ain't we all humans? To err is human, to forgive is divine. Most importantly, we got to admit our mistakes and try to make things right.

Yes, he trains the players with an iron fist.
Yes, he may be unreasonable at times.
But look at where the players are standing at now. Would they have been in this position if they were trained like how the current players are trained right now? Who gets the glory, not him but the players. What does he get in return?

I am not saying he is absolutely right and the rest are wrongfully wrong, Both sides are not wrong, just different views. But before we criticise a person harshly, shouldn't we calm down, take a step back and think from different points of views?

It is not easy being a leader,
especially one who carries the expectations and pressure,
especially one who has to be the villain,
especially one who takes the bullet for almost everything
and yet pretend that all is fine, doesn't hurt one bit.

Just my 2 cents'worth.

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