Monday, August 17, 2015

Friendship and money: oil and water

Well, first and foremost, a huge congratulation to both the national men and women teams for emerging 2nd at the World Tchoukball Championship 2015! As usual, Taiwan defended its champion title. To dethrone them, Singapore has a lot to work on and it is not easy. Honestly speaking, I don't see them stepping down from their throne any time soon.

Moving on, World Youth Tchoukball Championship 2015 was held in Singapore Polytechnic. First ever historical win against the Taiwan team was by our very own nation's M18, despite the other age groups (M12 and M15) being thrashed badly by the Taiwanese (once again...). You must be feeling puzzled, why did our M18 win but others got beaten so badly? The M18 team is not trained by Coach Fang (Taiwan's national coach). His M15 team can easily prevail over M18. I was there to witness the match between Singapore M15 vs Taiwan M15. Those boys just rendered me speechless.

Enough of match plays. We were playing hosts to the Macau coaches and their girlfriends. The first night we had Sukiya with them and they were completely busted from eating meats of different kinds. On the second night after the competition, we had Indian food (Roti John, Roti Prata etc) with both the Taiwan and Macau teams. 

On their final night in Singapore, we brought Yao Fei Long (Macau) 学长 and his girlfriend to try the local specialty- Bak Kut Teh. Initially, our plan was to let them have a taste of the herbal version (which is situated at Joo Chiat Road) but they were closed. So instead, we headed to Balestier for Founder's Bak Kut Teh. Once again, another midnight indulgence. I need to stop eating at such ungodly hours before I put on fats that can never be shredded so easily.

All in all, I had the privilege to know more people from other countries and to be able to spoil them, ensuring that they put on a few kilos before heading back to their countries. Yeah, I have done Singapore proud, HAHAHAHAHA!

Our table full of food!

Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is far the best ending for one.

P.S. Oh goodness, le round face is round-.- Angle problem, really! 
ST la, it is all his fault because he kept insisting that I stay at the front because I am 'good' in taking selfies. What rubbish!

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