Friday, June 5, 2015

Life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend

It's the month of June! And no, I won't go all mainstream and say 'June, please be good'. I think that is pretty...ludicrous. Whether the month will become a fruitful or 'good' month depends on God and you - the way you plan your calendar. Yeah, some unhappiness can't be avoided but hey, how do you get the rainbow without the rain right? See the good in the bad and life will be better.

I have no idea why I wrote the above, it just came out. Or maybe some people need it. HAHAHA! Anyway, got to meet the girlies for a Friday night hangout. Dinner at Astons and an unwinding session at Wine Connection at Cuppage Terrace. 

And no, I don't drink because I dislike the taste of alcohol, but I painfully managed to finish a glass of sparkling. Achievement unlocked!

It has been a tiring week with minimum sleep, but it doesn't end today. 2 packed days of activities to end the week, LEGGO! 

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