Friday, April 17, 2015

The best mirror is a friend’s eye

Recently there are so many good movies around to catch but watching them on a weekend can be so pricey. On the other hand, heading to a cinema on a weekday is so tough because 1) time and 2) commitments. You know what they say:

Pretty much sums it all.

Dental in the morning for tightening, next month visiting again for 3 teeth extractions (4 if they are including my baby tooth). Awesome, excited much because it will be the time for mashed potatoes, ice cream and yogurts. *sarcasm dripping*

Met up with Kar Yee for Fast and Furious 7. The movie was good, 2 thumbs up (4 including my big thumb toes)! I have always been a fan of FF, watched all of the series, probably rewatch them a little too many times, HAHAHA! But this lady here, this was her first FF movie. Seriously? You have been missing out!

I have yet to watch Avengers......

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