Saturday, October 18, 2014

When engaged in eating, the brain should be the servant of the stomach.

Met up with Jia Lin after coming back from Tioman. The horror and shock she had on her face when she saw me because of my skin colour. Ugh, the tan lines are really horrible.

Because the wet suit stopped at above knee level so the tan lines stopped there as well. Ugh, this is way worse than knee pads tan lines. So obvious. It makes my knee caps look dirtier and I can't stand it. Makes me paranoid and I want to scrub my knee caps extra hard to get rid of it, hahas! A price I have to pay for diving, sigh.

Anyway, we were deciding what to have for lunch at Bugis and we chance upon Yoogane at level 2. I had no idea what was the concept and Jia Lin told me this shop was claimed to be the most popular eatery at Korea and it gets really crowded during dinner time.

You have to order first before entering (but pay after eating). I opted for the Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice ($14.90++ per pax) and Jia Lin wanted the cold noodles but we were told that for fried rice, we have to order a minimum for 2 pax. Questions marks filled my brain but since Jia Lin initially wanted to try that, we went ahead with it. In addition, we ordered flavored ddeokbokki ($6.90++) (sweet potato, cheese filling and something else).

When we were brought to our seats, more question marks filled our brains. There was a stove in the middle of the table. Not knowing what to expect, we sat down and waited. Oh and they have free cellphones charging services, awesome or what? 
Salad, kimchi and pickles are free flow so you can get them as much as you want from the salad bar but needless to say, take what you can finish.

The service crew brought a huge pan with chicken meats, spring onions and the ddeokbokki that we ordered and began cooking. I was fascinated but how big the pan was.

The service crew who cooked our food is a Korean. He has a tag underneath his name tag stating that he is from Korean, Busan and that he speaks Korean and simple english. The rest are Singaporean teenagers and pinoys.
Ensuring that the meat is full cooked with the spring onions, he threw in the rice, sauce and cheese and TADA! The end product:

Amazed by his skills. Thumbs up!

They provided aprons in case you dirtied your top while eating or cooking. The pan looks huge compared to the previous photo right? It is huge and the portion of rice he threw in was not 2 bowls of rice, I believe it was more than that.

The food was superb! Ddeokbokki was chewy, the combination of the rice, cheese and chicken was good despite being spicy. Oh and not forgetting the kimchi were spicy too. Thank God for the water they provided, hahas! Definitely coming back to try the other mains, especially the half ramen and half rice combination.

The downside was that the ddeokbokki that we ordered was a bit pricey because the portion was small. But other than that, no complains. The bill came up to $43.20.
You will come out smelling like cooked food, similar to after eating BBQ food.

The lunch was satisfying and my tummy was bloated happily. For dessert, we headed to MollyCoddle Cafe located at Kelantan Road (which is near Bugis, underneath the HDBs) to utilize the $30 Groupon voucher. 

They are well known for their thick toast with ice cream ($7.90). Initially we wanted to get 2'' thick toast that comes with 2 scoops of gelato ($10.90), whole grains waffles with 1 scoop of either vanilla or chocolate gelato ($10.90) and pistachio crunch cake. The service crew was nice because she made recommendations and advises since it was our first time here. 

2" thick toast is equivalent to a Big Mac meal and that we won't be able to finish because it will be heavy (if we go ahead and order with our initial orders). She was right because we were still partially full from lunch. Pistachio crunch cake are outsourced so we should try their specialties. In the end, we ordered thick toast with 1 scoop of cookies and cream gelato, waffles with 1 scoop of chocolate gelato, strawberry smoothie ($6.80) and matcha blend ($6.80) .

Jia Lin told me their salted caramel ice cream was salty that's why she didn't choose that flavor. The combination of ice cream with thick toast was good, especially when the ice cream melted and seeped into the bread, hands down. 

On the other hand, the waffle wasn't fluffy. Instead, it was crispy but the chocolate gelato was really good. It was thick and rich, not those typical sweetened kind, which I prefer it to be. The matcha blend was blended with matcha ice cream and something else (which I had no idea what was it) and I enjoyed it. The matcha taste is strong yet not so sweet at the same time. Strawberry smoothie was alright, it got sweeter as Jia Lin continue drinking. 

Definitely coming back here for the thick toast.

200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, #02-47/48
Yoogane Singapore

Opening hours
Mon - Sun: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm

30 Kelantan Rd #01-99

Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 11am-11pm
Friday to Saturday: 11am-12mn

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