Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cosfest XIII 2014

I am NOT a cosplayer, I am Nadiah's (Nash in the cosplay world) manager/photographer/helper hence the reason why I attended the cosplay fest. 

Held at Downtown East D'Marquee, Cosfest XIII is Singapore's 2nd largest cosplay event and this will be the last time it will be happening here because they will be undergoing renovation. I don't know where Cosplay Fest XIIII will be held at but I know it will defintely be on. 

So through the day, I met different kinds of people, made some new found friends and took lots of shots. Some cosplayers are really really good! As some of them actually cross-dress different characters, I can't tell whether is that cosplayer a male or female by nature! With all the make-ups and all, wow, fascinating! Despite the humid rain weather, I am glad I attended the event and I am not afraid to admit that I am an otaku!:]

I have, like, 300 over shots but rather than uploading all of 'em, I will stick to those that Nadiah had edited. 

Weird chemistry, awkward poses. They really need to work on their smiles,hahas!

I thought they look really good here. Their chemistry deserves thumbs up!

Fun fact: Do you know this Luffy is a female? She is really good!

Wow, this guy is way over the top! My heart stopped beating for a nanosecond when I thought he flipped his eye balls while taking the shot. Turns out, he was wearing very extremely light blue contact lenses that can be easily mistaken for white. 

See see, the close up shot. Zoom in if you have to.

This boy is sooooooooo adorable! In case you guys have no idea what is his anime inspiration, it is Attack on the Titans. Oh my gosh. When I requested for a shot, he posed like this: 

 This is the favourite shot of the day (if only I can photoshop the van away,sigh)

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