Friday, November 22, 2013

Men have become the tools of their tools

Alright people! This technologically backward young adult here finally changed her dummy phone to an Android phone with whatsapp! (insert a big round of applause,please)
Can you believe it? In an era whereby people are using 3G or 4G, wireless wifi etc on their phone for years, I have been stuck with...SMS for years too.

Honestly when it first started giving me problems, I was so reluctant to change because I love the slide up keyboard. I love to type on keyboard and refused adamantly to change to a full touch screen phone, to the extend I actually considered getting a Blackberry instead. 
I know you will be thinking :"Like dude,who still uses a BB now right?

Presenting to you, my proud-est Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro! This phone has been changed...

R.I.P my phone, you've served me well for the past 5 years. this...!


I am so amazed!(and yes, till now still am) The brilliant 6 inches screen, not that I am blind but I kind of like the big screen, is simply fantastic! Moreover, it is not laggy and is light in weight! Well, except that after putting on the casing, it got a bit heavy.

So what made me decide to get Note 3?Alright alright, I admit. I got influenced by the casts from The Heirs. The way they used the Note 3 to answer calls, I got envious. I know I know, it is not even a logical reason but they look so cool with the big phones. I probably look un-cool, nowhere near them. But I really like this phone and I don't have the faintest idea why.

Anyway, this was my 21st birthday gift from my mum (Gosh, that's close to almost a year ago, making it an extremely belated birthday present!) Nevertheless, God answered my prayer and blessed me with a Note 3 through my mum. Thank you very much!:)

Are there any other ways to notify people about the change in contact number besides through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?
Do PM me if you want an update on my number. I've lost almost all of the contacts after they changed my card to a micro-sim.

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