Monday, July 22, 2013

Talent wins games,but teamwork and intelligence wins championships

[Team YDC girls]

W.A.D games on 20 July 2013 at Raffles Institution. We were up against 2 Jurongville secondary school teams, Hwa Chong, Bendemeer Secondary school team and Genesis Haze (my er,previous team). It was a smooth win for the first 4 games because they were mostly newbies (except for Hwa Chong because they didn't train together as a team for a year). Genesis Haze was the opponent. We were too nervous, screwed up and we lost.

Well, playing with this team widens my horizon. It gives me many feelings and experiences that I will never be able to get playing with TGT. Playing with YDC forces me to push myself over my limits, something I will never do in TGT. Not to boast but TGT is considered one of the strongest teams hence winning has always been easy. After this competition, I realized that I have been taking winning and TGT for granted. Playing with TGT has always been a chill and relaxed  mode, no drive, no nothing. This is probably the reason why I don't see myself improving.

YDC is a weaker team that's why winning is never easy BUT that is what makes it challenging.To fight and train hard in order to win makes the whole victory sweeter than sugar. I believe the day will come where our efforts and hard work will pay off.

Till then, strive on:)

"Ask not what your teammates can do for you. Ask what you can do for your teammates."

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