Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's sad when friends become enemies. But what's even worse is when they become strangers.

"I know there are some things you can't change. I know there are some situations where apologies hold no bearings. I know that twists of fate bring people together, And sometimes everything happens for a reason can tear them apart. I know that I will never forget you, for you will always have a place in my heart." 

 "I've never expect this to happen.I never wanted to make space between us but nevertheless I want to fix what's broken and our friendship to somehow last. I want us to be friends again and hug each other in a count of ten." 

 "So many friendships end with 'We just stopped talking.'"

That's it. Wake up call and lessons learnt.
I promise myself that this will be the last and final time I'm gonna be emotional towards our past friendships. I am gonna move forward and be contented with my current friends in my life. The next time we see each other,we will either be opponents on court or just strangers with memories.
R.I.P 3+ years of friendships

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