Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A passion for the sea

My pair of Everlast shoes is giving way.There is a hole on the left shoe:( I really love that pair of shoes a lot,especially the colour combination(Charcoal and green). Oh well,you've served me well.

Now,time for a replacement and I look into Sperry due to a friend's recommendation.Sperry is way more expensive than Everlast(dude,for sure) and it last longer.Chinese has this saying that goes like this:一分钱一分货(You get what you pay for).Though there will definitely be a hole in my pocket but I feel that it's worth it.Hey,it's a need and a want!
Part of the reason why I chose Sperry is because I love the boat shoes concept.It's nice,isn't it?

So I have shortlisted 2 choices and honestly speaking,I don't know the difference between these two in terms of design(apart from the colour,of course!).But I love the colours,I want a dark coloured pair of shoes and gray has always been one of my favourites,hence these 2 colour combinations.

Women's Authentic Original Color Pop 2-Eye Boat Shoe
-Genuine Hand Sewn Tru-Moc Construction for Durable Comfort
-Add a Pop of Color with Bright Outsoles and Laces
-Stain and Water Resistant Leather for Long Lasting Wear
-360° Lacing System with Rust Proof Eyelets for Secure Fit
-Shock Absorbing EVA Heel Cup for Added Comfort
-Non-Marking Rubber Outsole with Razor Cut Wave-Siping™ for Ultimate Wet / Dry Traction

Women's Cloud Logo Authentic Original 2-Eye Color Pop Boat Shoe
-Durable Comfort
-Genuine Hand-Sewn Tru-Moc Construction
-Breathability & Comfort
-360° Lacing System with Rust Proof Eyelets & Signature Rawhide Laces
-Added Comfort with Shock Absorbing EVA Heel Cup
-Non-Marking Rubber Outsole with Wave-Siping™ for Ultimate Wet/Dry Traction

So where does your vote lies?

Recommendations are always welcome so feel free to any if you have:)

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