Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First and foremost, Happy Snake Year to all who celebrates!Collect ang pows and save those money for rainy days.

So on the first night of lunar new year I went to Jing Wen's house for steamboat (thanks for the invitation!) with the YDC mates. Played 21 and watched some movies on tv. I am not a gambler but I sort of like to play for fun and test my luck.My bets are practically small,ranging from 10cents to the max of 20cents. I know I know,it is pathetic but hey!I just wanna have fun,no stress yeahh~ Unlike the rest, like Samuel who bets like $5,hahas,they went ballistic when they lost their money.It is a funny scene,seeing their reactions and the ang pow money slowly getting involved.

On the second night, we went out for movie. This is a comedy horror spoof film (rated M18), a parody of the 'found footage' genre, e.g. Paranormal Activity.

I have no idea what this movie was about before I watched. The guys wanted to catch it and convinced me that it is not a horror film. Everyone knows that I despise horror movies and I will never ever step into a cinema to watch one. Why pay to scare yourself?
Anyway, point aside. This movie is HILARIOUS! like roll on the floor laughing hilarious. They have some obscene scenes and lots of vulgarities, hence making it M18. I was totally shocked when those scenes appeared and I slapped my hands over my eyes quite a lot of times.
If you don't feel embarrassed over the scenes, this movie can keep you laughing.

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