Monday, December 12, 2011

Friends are like clowns that make you smile

to all those who wished me through facebook/twitter/handphone.
My phone's down so I can't reply,sorry!

{20 Birthdays from Inez!:)}

Met up with my makan kaki at Plaza Sing. Wanted to dine at Strictly Pancakes but they open at 6pm. Sad pie so we headed to Bugis for Korean Grill (Korean's version of Steamboat) because of the spicy rice cake.Went on down to Wisma's Starbucks for coffee.

MacDonald's Fillet-O-Fish(1-for-1,good deal eh!),Lemon Roasted Melon Tea from Gong Cha,Korean Grill for dinner,Toffee Nut Ice Blended and Cheesecake from Starbucks. Die la, the 1.3kg that I lost, gain back already.HAHAS!

The classic epic moment of taking polaroid.(Y)
Love this shot though

Thank you for the moo moo bottle! The kaki shirt is (Y)-peace,love,ice cream!:)
And yes,I'll wear the shirt and use the bottle!

Summer,Winter,Spring,and Fall
My best friend and I have been through it all.
12 years of friendship and ongoing:)

December's the favourite month
gonna make the most number of posts!teehee:)

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