Monday, August 1, 2011

When Karyee turns 20 before us!

Surprise party for Karyee planned by Nick at Timbre.That shock on her face was classic when she saw us.hahas!Hope you have a great one!:)
And I realised,I really AM a mountain turtle.hahas!

Roasted duck pizza.I think roasted duck tastes better with rice,hahas!

Awesome Buffalo wings!:D
Salmon thin crust pizza.Too much dough,I guess.hahas,tastes a bit like roti prata.
The sinful cream cake.

Josephine and boyf,Rayven
Karyee and boyf,Nick
Wei Ling and Char,er,couple?hahas!

Meet up soon,k?xoxo

Tomorrow is the day!My luggage not done packing yet.hahas!They have WIFI there so I'll try to tweet as much as possible!For those who have yet to follow me,it's charkaline.I'll follow back:)

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