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Virgin tchouking in Italiaaaa(WTC August 2011)

Lazy me gonna upload only a few photos,the rest are at facebook.More to be uploaded though.I am obviously taking my own sweet time.hahas!So I am going to just summarize the competition period into a post cause I am beginning to forget what had happened,hahas!

Midnight/Very early morning flight to Dubai International Airport for flight transit.Lucky me got the window seat.AWESOME!hahas!Here are some night views.

We waited for a good old 5 hours for the transit flight,a complete waste of time.Bored out of my mind with nothing to do too.
From Dubai,took a bus and proof,we took this airplane to Venice.Freaking hot weather so you can imagine how much we are complaining about the heat with the jackets on.Oh and did I mention that I got the window seat again?hahas!This time,alone.Slept throughout the flight,waking up once in awhile to take photos.

Finally...Venice airport.
来来,everyone took out cameras and began snapping away like typical tourists.
A bus drove us to Ferrara,The World Heritage Site.

The 3 stars hotel that we stayed in.

HAHAS,in every country,there will be something unique.Like in Korea,it's this:

For Ferrara,it's this:
Garage at -1.hahahahahas!
My roomies!

Dinner at this place,waited freaking long.Everyone got impatient.Sigh,the lifestyle of Western.

Explored around the area the next day.Everywhere looks like same to me because of the buildings!

Our favourite super market.This is like the Ferrara version of NTUC,hahas!

Alcohols are freaking cheap there!:O
Never seen before flavours in Singapore!

We bought like 60 over of this at the end of the trip.Power eh?

吃肉肉,长高高.hahas!We missed eating 肉肉!Meats and aqua(plain water) are like limited there,I wonder why:/
And we did our own laundries.First time in my life hand-washing so many clothes(plus my roomies,yes,I am nice).We hung them all over the place,from the bathroom to the room,not even an inch of corner was spared.hahas,yes,that was how exaggerated we were.

The housekeeper put Ginger back onto Irene's bed.hahas!

The Ikea look alike,hahas!
The main competition hall.The best among the 3 halls with air-con(though we hardly feel the cold air at times) and WIFI!Oh and the least mosquitoes and houseflies too.

For the rest of the photos,just enjoy and admire the scenery and architectural.Buildings are vintage,I like(Y)

This photo is an evidence of how small my mouth is.hahas!

The castle where we had the opening ceremony.

The middle flag represents Europe,the right flag represents Italy.I guess I must have missed the Ferrara flag cause in every city of Europe,they have 3 flags.

They have big big fishes inside!

Free and easy,we went on an eating spreeeeeeeee!:D

First stop,pizzas.We communicated in broken Italian.Thank goodness the lady understood us,hahas!Hey,at least we didn't learn in vain.Plus technology helps us too,the power of IPhone!

Spinach pizzaaaaaaa!I am not a fan of spinach but this wasn't too bad.
Ate lots of peaches during this trip.awesomeeeeee,sweet and juicy!(Y)
Next stop, spaghetti!

Shared this with xx.Cause we didn't understand the menu,we did the close eyes and point method.Hey,it's not too bad!The pasta was delizioso!
Headed back to the hotel to prepare for the opening ceremony.Luckily the castle was just next to our hotel.

This was how we air our kneepads.See,I wasn't exaggerating about making use of every single corner,hahas!

The insides of the castle:

There were many performances like flag juggling and dancing.hahas!A bit boring.

Right,next up,I will show you how our Singapore men jump.My photography skills are good right?:) Camera is awesome too!

Germany women team!

Red one is Austria!

Marketing strategy no.1 since Western loves drinking,hahas!Idea eh!

Headed to Ferrara Music Park for usual,left early cause waited aimlessly for too long.

Wanton look alike!It's actually pasta.

Fries were too salty.The food there are either too salty,too bitter or too sweet.Sigh pie.

Though we walked past and took photos in the afternoon,they just look so different at night,makes you wanna take them again.

Oh oh oh,and the Mac is 3 storey high!wow!
Dinner was horrible so we went to a nearby(like super near) chinese restaurant for supper.Er,portions were quite small but at least it's edible and lasted till the next meal.

I seen a lot of jet streams in Italy.Along with the clear blue sky,they look even nicer!Oh and did I mention that the sky is awesome?Though we are under the same piece.K I should stop,I find myself not making any sense.hahas!

This part onwards,I cannot remember.
Oh oh,it's the Switzerland vs Taiwan women match.
Ahem Ahem,never in my life have I seen Taiwan losing by 5 points!

Really close fight till 4th period is out.Tsk,see,this is what happens when you underestimate your opponents.Taiwanese females ah,tsk.
So in the end,Taiwan won.Swiss put up a good fight though!Everyone in the hall was cheering for Swiss.Aww,how heart-warming.

Next's up,Wheelchair Tchoukball.They have a smaller forbidden zone(the one in blue)

Finals,Italian A vs Taiwan.Needless to say,Taiwan is obviously the winner.They are like the world no.1.See the way they jump.Sigh pie.

Singapore with the Italian A women team!

Someone took this photo of us.Nice right?
I think this was during the first game,against Austria.

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