Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life of an intern in My Gym

Hola readers!Weather has been crazy lately,please take care yeah?

Right so...
A month more till THE END of INTERNSHIP!
A month more till THE END of SUFFERINGS!
A month more till THE START of MY OLD SLACKING LIFE!
The list goes on and on but you get the point.Pretty excited to count down but that also means I will need to start on my killer final report.

Basically I am just going to share some photos of the children I interact with in My Gym.Most are favourites.Got hugged and kissed by them.awww.gonna miss them when I complete my internship but no,I won't continue.hahas!

Aiden from Korea.I think he is going to be a handsome boy when he grows up!
Jaydon!The mischievous and cheeky boy<3
Michael!The boy who is always so runny but stops when I told him to.aww.Apparently he only listens to me.Because of the way he look at me,the other teachers said that he is my boyfriend,hahas!;p
Zavier is cute to the max!The way he looks at me with his BIG,round eyes while talking to me in his voice just simply melts my heart la.hahas!His eyes can compete with my eyes already,hahas!
Rayyannnnnnnn!This boy is oh-my-gosh cute!hahas!Gonna miss him when he complete his playground term;( sigh.
Pretty little Nicaaaaa.She misses Graden who went back to Canada.Aww.
Joanna!Gonna miss her too when she complete her playground term;(
No more wet kisses on the cheeks;((

Woah,this boy ah.If I have a son,I want him to be as cute as Lucas!hahas!Or maybe even cuter.
'Sky, sky' *while pointing to the sky.Awwwwwwwww.

See,even the kids bully me.hahas!
Luna from Japan!Tell her かわいい(kawaii) and she'll pose for you.hahas!<3


The ultimate cheeky boy who always cry whenever he comes in and I got to pacify him with my phone.He was the first kid whom I got close to when I first started.Now?Become like some hyper active kid who can't wait to come in.Oh and he is the only one who address me by my name:Lene(pronounce as Lynn),call me as though as I am his friend.awesome kid eh?But I still love him. He is definitely one of those whom I will miss.

Lastly,a video to end off the post.
'A wimoweh A wimoweh A wimoweh A wimoweh A wimoweh A wimoweh'
hahas!A super cute video and song.Look at the way the dog dance!:D

Got to work a bit on my Italian so that I won't be so lost when I am in Italy.
Let's start with Ciao!(:

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