Friday, June 17, 2011

A child is what you put into him

So it's the last day for playground,1 week break which means I don't have to wake up early on next week's Tuesday and Thursday!Company gathering to Clarke Quay on Tuesday but I'm giving it a miss due to training.No,I am not sad at all.hahas!

I realized that I snack a lot while working at My Gym.I am practically eating at every hour!hahas!Plus,the parents there are always so nice,buying us food.This week we had cookies from Royals and Famous Amos and curry puff from Old Chang Kee.Last week we had nasi lemak and samosa.Tell me,at the rate the food are coming in,how can I not put on weight?!?But I appreciate the food and thoughts,so sweet of them.aww:)

So for discovery today,we did something which will wow you!(at least for the kids)
Using milk as a base,add a few drops of different food colourings at the sides.Next,add in a few drops of detergent and TADA!The results will be as followed:
Awesome right?The colours will disperse and mix around.
When you twirl the dish,this is what you will get:
This colours combination is best suited for the art theme:gloomy.But still,it's amazing,do you think?
Ahhhhh~The wonders of molecules and creations.

I didn't know taking photos of the kids can be such a tough task.I tried my best to capture the nicest sides of them.hahas!
Jaydon!Whenever he comes into the gym,he will pat me on my legs to get my attention.soo cute(:
Aiden who loves to sing the '10 little Indians' song.I love the way he pronounce Indians.'IN-DI-AND-S'
Ask him '누가 가장 미남인가요?'(nuga gajang minam-ingayo?) and he will point to himself.Wanna find out what that means?Go google translate.hahas!;p
Zavier!The one with the super cute voice and huge eyes!O.O
He's not renewing his term which means this will be his last day and class in My Gym.Sad to see him go;( But he made a small card,not his handwriting of course.hahas!
It's supposed to be Teacher Lene(some may spell it as Lynn instead) but he spelled it as Lim.hahas!Still loved & :D

Hud is not renewing too,another sad one;( but his mum wrote a card and bought Famous Amos cookies for us.Sigh,it's like a bittersweet thing:/

I was pretty much happy(until my mood went down but I got over it quickly!) today cause I don't need to work on the weekends!So I'm a bit(just a teeny weeny bit!) high,part of it could be due to the high level of sugar intake from the cereals and cookies.Oh and I am going to start my cereal plan next week.If it's possible,I am gonna have cereals for breakfast and lunch.awesomeeeeee!

Retreat to Bintan tomorrow but I have yet to be done with packing!Supposed to touch on a bit on the draft but,er,somehow things didn't go as planned.hahas,whatever happens to sleeping early?*shake head*

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