Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to look in the mirror.

Turn on the water. Wash your face. All of the makeup: take it off. Take a deep breath. Turn on all of the lights. Step in front of the mirror.

Open your eyes all of the way. Do not make a face. Just look.

Do you see that?

No, not the impurities. Not the things that the world tells are ugly.

I’m talking about those eyes. Look at all of the colors. They let you see the world.

Lean in.

Do you see each eyelash individually? Each one formed into a curve. Highlighting the brightness of your eyes.

Do you see that?

The color of your hair. The way it falls. Randomly. Straight. In curls. In waves. Maybe it falls to the small of your back. Maybe it stops above your ears. It’s beautiful. Run your fingers through it.

Wait, look at your hands.

All of the ways they bend, grasp, curl and unfold. The curve of your nails. The intricacy of the veins mapped across the back of your palm.

Drop your hands to your sides. Look back up.

Look at your figure. Do not turn, breathe normally. There is nothing wrong with you. The way you stand right now is the way you are created to be.

It may be silly, but smile. Look at the color of your lips, the line of your teeth.

You are beautiful. You are beautiful. You are beautiful.

With no make-up on, with your hair down. With curves. Without.

This is the way God pictured you in His head. Designed by Him in His image. Not contoured by society, desiring to be in a perfect mold. Not insulting His masterpiece. Not tearing yourself down.

You are beautiful. Don’t forget it.

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