Monday, February 7, 2011

House Visiting at BeeL's place

Gym in the morning with xuan.Funny to the max,really ROFLOL hard.
Then went to BeeL's place and had a mini birthday surprise for Christine.Then it's on to playing by luck.I lost my one and only dollar and I was broke for the rest of the day!T.T

Irene looks like she is marrying Christine off.hahahahahas!
Guilty pleasure

Then on to playing Showhand.My very first time playing and I lost all my 10cents as well.hahas!Now I know,I must avoid this game,hahas!I still owe people money!Too bad cannot win back to settle the debts.
So because I really have no money left(like not even 0.05cents),I got bored and put my photography skills to the test.hahas!

Flu and sore throat is on the way already,hahahas!
Beep test on Thursday-DIE!

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