Saturday, July 17, 2010

Everything passes, everything perishes, everything palls.

"I think that everyone has a certain part of their life where they truly wish they could freeze time. I mean I certainly do.Whether it was just a moment, a whole day or a whole summer. Everyone has a time in their life where they wish everything would stop changing, because to them at that time everything was perfect."

After APTC, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings are so...weird,like something is missing.Yes,I missed training.I missed training with the training squad people:(I dread this feeling because this is the crucial point of time where everyone starts missing each other.I don't want APTC to end so soon:(
To let the team disband like this after so many months of training is a waste.Let's hope that we can take part together as a team again to play in competition alright?-just like what we've discussed before.Team dinner is coming up sooon!:D
I must be suffering from post APTC syndrome-that's common right?

Went to Alison's birthday-cum-farewell party yesterday.Would have stayed longer if it wasn't for today's practical test.She will be studying at Perth for 4 years.Though I just knew her,I felt a bit sad about the fact that she is leaving.I will certainly miss all her craziness,jokes and encouragements;(

Take care kay?
Hope to see you soon!

With the Taiwan boys.
Good job Team Singapore for winning 2nd!:D

After this,what's the next step?
This is something that I have to consider.

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