Sunday, June 20, 2010

An evening

After for 1234567890987654321 days(alright,so I am exaggerating a little but at least you get the idea),finally met up with the girls.They said to meet up at 4.30pm yet all 3 of them were LATE!As usual,I am the punctual one.But aww,it was nice seeing them again:)

Oh man,they said my eye bags look freaking deep!Well,it's true:/
Dinner+TCC+jokes+laughters+updates+night out=FUN!
KY kept taking photos of herself with my camera.Reason for this was:'I don't want you to forget how I look like.' This girl never fails to make me LOL hard.
Thanks for the awesome night out!:D
Gonna meet up next month.Now I can't wait!:D

This is a friendship that is worth fighting for.

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