Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where are my las,les,lors?

Kay,I lost my voice due to a virus infection.I've got cough and the doctor said try not to cough.Like how?When you want to cough,you just cough man!He also advised me not to talk too much.BUT!I must talk!Who on earth can survive without talking?!?!?!?!definitely not me.

Anyway,yesterday was torturous.why?I tell you.

Yesterday GESs carnival was a complete waste of time.Sad to say but yes,in my opinion.

Anyway,dinner at Crystal Jade with Grandma and brother.I couldn't eat this and that.I was limited to what I can eat.When I ate the roasted duck porridge (minus the chicken because I cannot eat chicken),I was desperate.Why?because I cannot add chilli!I have this habit of adding chilli to the porridge.I may sound gross and siao,like what my family members said except my dad.He was hooked too!hahas!Even green chilli was forbidden.Can you imagine?The porridge was tasteless.So I mix the tofu sauce with my porridge.

When I thought that was the worse,another thing happened.My brother ordered toast bread from ah kun.I TELL YOU,IT WAS NIGHTMARE.I was wrestling with my mind whether to eat or not.
You are seeing the picture,I saw the REAL thing,with the smell and crumbs.SUPER TEMPTING.I fought with my mind until I want to cry!Seriously,it was torturing!To eat or not to eat-that's the question.
In the end,I lost the fight!I gave in and took one part.I know I know,I have a weak mind when it comes to food!T.T
If Ping ma and Becky were there,confirm scoldings and nagging from them.

E55F is going to make fun of me tomorrow again.Confirm,especially Eric and Dosmond!T.T

Oh and by the way,I have a tubmlr account at
I will be uploading quotes and pictures there.Do drop by once in a while!
Not forgetting my formspring too!:)

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