Friday, January 29, 2010

It's easy to point when you can't heal it.

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I can't believe I wrote that for my RJ.

Yes,I am upset-very upset.For a couple of reasons.

I can't train currently because my fingers are bruised badly due to the first national team selection training.It is my fault,my own carelessness,my own clumsiness-can't blame anyone except myself.So what am I trying to drive at?
No training till I have fully recover which can take up to weeks.If worse come to worse,I might have to go for xray.But thank God,my fingers do not look as swell as before.It might be recovering well.But the pain is worse than before.crap.
I dropped out from the national team selection training.Even if I go,I cannot perform and I might end up hurting myself more.But there will always be a next year and I will train hard for it(:

My timing sucks:6 minutes for 4 laps.My stamina dropped a lot.I longed for the primary school char who 1)can run fast, 2)non-stop and 3)never fails to break her record.I regretted slacking during the primary school long break and secondary school days.

UT3 is coming in like 1 week time and I have yet to start studying.Which also means I will have to change class again.sigh.I think I screwed up this semester.And yes,I still have not gotten over the fact that I have another semester of Biology awaiting me.

There are like only 3 year 1s for the study trip which means year 3s are the majority.Looks like I will have to make new friends.

My dog still attempts to bite me.

I need to get over my obsessions before they go out-of-hand.tsk.

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