Thursday, December 10, 2009


Alrighty!I am gonna cut my award winning speech short.haha!
Firstly,a HUGE THANK YOU to all those who wished me;be in through handphone,facebook or blog.You people seriously made my day:D

Thank you W16K for the birthday song and a slice of cake:D
Thank you Weiyuan for 'celebrating' my birthday with the typed birthday song through msn.haha!
Oh and the most important one of all:Thank you Karyee for showing me your cooking(it is supposed to be pasta but doesn't look like pasta picture).And yes,I've got your picture.

Oh and Thank you Daddy for this awesome D&G it though it gave me a bit of problem;D

And Mum's gonna get me a DSLR camera.Shiok man.Now I need to decide which one to get.hahahaha!

J was damn funny during the physics talk and the walk towards the MRT station.He made us LOL real hard with all the level of lies,diabetes,vomitting and etc.

I should be studying and doing my homework now but I ended up blogging.tsk and I still have physic UT tomorrow.GOSH!T.T
Meeting girlfs for dinner tomorrow after my briefing.

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