Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Readers from anywhere,
May I have your attention please?
I am currently searching for a male soul mate(encarta it before you get the wrong idea)

Here are the criteria:
1) Able to click off with me
2) Able to cheer me up whenever I am upset
3) Know my thinkings without me telling
4) Be my partner in crime
5) Talk about anything and everything under the sun
6) preferably gay (not in terms of happy, another kind)
7) Must be energetic and upbeat
8) Keep secrets well
9) Looks are not that important but at least an average of 6.5
10) Be able to hang out with meeeeee

Eligible males can drop your name at the tagboard.There will be a short interview.Pass it and you can be my new BFF!haha!

I think I should just go create a robort and treat it as my BFF.Wonder how it is like to have a gay friend.must be really nice.See.I must be nuts.I just want a really nice guy friend whom I can criticize the world with,play lame childish games as though as we do not have any childhood,read me like a book and the most important thing(if he can even achieve this);make me have the sudden urge to break down infront of him and bare my innermost thoughts.

oh well.a guy friendship without romance.How awesome man.The last thing I need on my list-The L word.

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