Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yummy post

Got the photos from Wendy and it's time to blog!:D

*credits to Wendy

Went to Breeks cafe at Causeway on Friday with Wendy and Cat.
2 Words:Super Full

4 main courses for 3 people.(Actually it's 2 humans and 1 pet)
Oh and Breeks is currently having an offer:1-for-1 dessert
Peppermint rocks!~

Trust me,it was not easy AT ALL to finish this massive attack.
Eat it only if:
1)you are with many many people
2)you just want to have dessert
We ended up playing scissors paper stone to finish it!
And JX looked like he was going to faint any moment.hahas!super funny!And he scolded me when I asked for more.

On thursday,again with the same people,had sushi buffet
plus the rest from previous post
And yup,I will be meeting them later plus Cherie:D
for town shopping I guess

Oh and crap,my mother have yet to pay my handphone bill.So currently,I can't message nor call out but I still can receive incoming calls and messages.So I am sorry if I never reply your messages!

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