Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My friend name Wendy

I am going to introduce my friend name Wendy.The truth?I got this sudden urge to blog about her during my train ride home-but do not ask me why cause me myself also have no idea.The inspiration just flew in from am not trying to be funny hor

In case some of you do not know how she looks like.(this is the only solo picture I have)
Anyway,I will tell you how I feel about her-both past and current.Before you get the wrong idea,I do not mean those relationship kind.I am normal.I think straight.

When I first saw her,I admit,she scares me.I thought that she was gonna be another typical lian.My mind was like:'Oh shyt,a lian in class.sweeeeeeet.'She was the number one person on my list that I was going to avoid at all cost and the last person that I will get close with.

Of course,everything went smoothly except for one fateful day,I got stuck in a 36 minutes train ride with her from Woodlands to City Hall.I TELL YOU,this part BEST la,my mind was driving me nuts.My brain was inactive during lesson time but it got activated during that train ride-like what the donkey!Lots of questions/answers were flying all over the limited spaces my brain has like:
-'Oh shyt.What am I going to talk to her about?Her past?Her ambition?'
-'Will she show me her attitude.If she is,am I supposed to show mine too?'
-'Hang on a moment,do I have an attitude?'
-'Her face is scarier than the horror movie trailer they show on television'
-'Stupid train,I know you can go faster than this speed hor'
and the list goes on...
So I asked her about her driving test,archery etc.It turns out that she is quite a nice person.Her character contradicts her face despite looking as dark and fierce as those dark stormy clouds that threatens to drown your house with their downpour.
From then onwards,I strike her off my 'avoid' list and change the position of 'close' list.Who knows,as time goes by,we got even closer and she shared her happy/sad/angry/bored moments with me.hahas!

hahas!I will entertain you 24/7!

*But please warn beforehand if you want to call me at night so that I will not off my phone.hahas!
Hope that you will feel much better after reading this.Have a good laugh!Afterall,laughter is the best medicine!:D
So Wendy,let me see your smile and hear your laughters again la!


OH MY GOD,I sound so much like a lesbo.hahas!

alrighty,cheers people!
good day to you,you and you(:

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